Sunday, April 6, 2014

Company Blogger Awards 2k14!

Hello lovelies! Instead of the usual weekly roundup I decided to show some love for the bloggers competing for the awards this year!

I featured Adora on my blog several weeks back in an inspiration post and I am still inspired by her nearly every day. I don't do a ton of vintage style outfits the way she does but I am always looking to add to my style and switch it up. Adora definitly inspires the vintage vixen in me (and everyone else) and also inspires girl to be themselves even if it is different from everyone else. 

And nominate Adora ( for best personal style blog in association with missguided :) 

(Sorry it's full links, blogging from my phone because my house internet is out again *eye roll* and I'm too lazy to drive to town for a post today)

Thank you all and have a lovely day :) - Liz xx