Friday, July 18, 2014

Velvet Roses

This outfit makes me think of what Pheobe Buffet would look like if she went goth. The maxi skirt, the velvet, the chocker: so 90's. 

So my mom started cleaning out her closet and then I started inheriting some amazing vintage blouses. Like this velvet rose blouse is currently my absolute favorite thing on earth. It is just light enough and just thick enough to work year round. just big enough to layer and just perfect.

Crop- Forever 21
Shirt- Vintage
Skirt- Charlotte Russe

 I know I haven't posted in a while but it has been pretty hectic around here. I spent some time in urgent care, got put on some new medications; and now I am struggling to handle the side effects while working full time and packing for school. It has been pretty insane to say the least. But I am optimistic about shooting some new posts this weekend provided the weather clears up. 

We also got a new oven finally after 2 months of it being broken so I have been baking a TON to help deal with the craziness that has been going on in my life lately. Learning to cope with hectic life is quite the experience to say the least. But hopefully everything will be less hectic now as I adjust. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Changing Minds and Blogosphere Faves

One of the things that inspired me to start blogging was reading other people blogs, seeing how much fun they had with them, and of course how much love that everyone has for what they do. Recently, I have been going through a bit of a blogging rough patch as I am trying to juggle work, college planning, summer holidays, and my body's ever burning desire to hate me. Reading others blogs really inspire me to keep going with my own. When I started blogging I did it for all the wrong reasons. Wanting to be "blogger famous" and yada yada yada. But now that I have been around for nearly 6 months (time sure flies man) I am starting to evolve and use blogging not as a social media tool to get people to like me, but as a way to find myself and document my life bit by bit. And a big part of the drive to continue blogging has come from reading other blogs and seeing other people grow as well.

So without further ado here are some of my current favorite blogs and bloggers :)

Kayla has ah-may-zing photos and fashion I am constantly checking my bloglovin feed for new posts from her because she just has amazing taste and beautiful photo composition. 

Another blogger with phenomenal photos and style. Her blog is in german but I still look to her for inspiration from all her posts. 


Real Talk: I read just as many (if not more) food blogs as fashion blogs because baking is only the greatest thing to ever exist. I also seriously adore Hayley's blog because 1- she is sassy as all hell and it is perfect, and 2- because she makes the absolute best desserts that may or may not cause food comas but it is worth it people. Worth it.


Amy is one of the first bloggers that I actively started to follow when I first got into blogging ans she is still one of my favorites. She has such unique and fun taste in fashion I absolutely adore getting inspiration from her blog.

Peanut Butter Cup Coffee Cake - an easy spice crumble cake with peanut butter cups baked on top

Oh look more drool worthy food. Coffee cake is like my one weakness in life (on top of cute shoes, peanut butter, chocolate, people with good hair, okay I have a lot of weaknesses) so whenever this recipe popped up on my blog reader Jocelyn shot up on my list of "bloggers who just get me". 

Okay I could go on for years about how many blogs I read (it's a lot okay) and how many foods I love, and shoes I need, and people I wish I could be; but for today I think this will suffice. Hope you all found some new reading material and are turning on your ovens to put yourself into a sugar coma because that is definitely what I am doing tonight once our new oven is installed *screams internally... and externally*

Friday, July 11, 2014

Shopping on a Budget // Ebay

Good ole eBay. I never really thought to shop on ebay for clothes until I started blogging and saw a to die for piece from one of my favorite bloggers and when I went to see where she bought it. Yup. Ebay. I was shocked. I mean I always thought ebay was for that stuff no one wants and then somehow you make a few bucks off of it selling it to someone who is creative enough to make it work.

But boy was I wrong.

I started out my ebay venture with jewelry, and now most of my favorite pieces are from ebay for under $2. Then I slowly started hunting for other things, shoes, handbags, tops, you name it I want it. I have yet to buy anything other than jewelry but I have my eye on an amazing pair of chunky boots that are currently only $0.02.

So I thought I would write a post about how to find these cheap yet glorious gems on the massive marketplace that is ebay.

One: It takes TIME. Sifting through the hundreds of awkward why would anyone ever wear that items is a bit of a chore at times. I usually shop during my downtime at work when I am bored to tears and can’t find anything else to do with myself.

Two: Use the filters. I cannot stress this enough. It cuts your search buy half most of the time if you just eliminate the things you don’t want to see. Like when I am searching for rings I generally filter out anything with gemstones because those aren’t really my style. Then I sort everything by price and start digging.

Three: Check out people’s shops once you find an item you like. Odds are if you like the item, you will like other things they have for sale.

Four: Understand that some days you just won’t find anything. That is totally normal. It is basically a trip to the online thrift shop. Sometimes you find perfect condition vintage items for $5 and sometimes all you find are muddy tennis shoes and pants that deserve to burn for their crimes against fashion.

Five: Make collections for yourself. I usually spend some time looking and finding things I like even when I don’t have money to buy anything. So I put them into collections and later when I go to buy things they are either still up for sale, or ebay gives you very similar (sometimes the exact same) listings for everything you have saved in your collection it is immensely helpful.

(check out this beauty in action in my recent shoot here)

Those are my tried and true ebay shopping tips and tricks for finding the best unique pieces at the cheapest possible prices J hope this helps some of you get over the overwhelming ebay experience so that you can reap the benefits.

You can look at my collections here to get an idea of what I do with them!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wednesday Wants Week 9

All wishlist items are from the Missguided summer sale!

Lord help my poor bank account if another one of my favorite brands has a massive sale I am in deep deep trouble. I mean all of these lust worthy items are just from the first page of the sale... I am in trouble you guys. Between all the 4th of july and summer blowouts I am broke but happy with my amazing finds. I managed to snag this iamvibes dress for nearly half off and this Romwe dress for only $10! It has been a good summer sale month my friends. Hopefully I will have some exciting things for the blog soon :) 

much love!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Back to Basics

High Neck Crop- Charlotte Russe
Flannel- Target
Shorts- Thrifted
Boots- Pac Sun
Skull Necklace- Wet Seal

A classic outfit for when I am not feeling all that inspired or its laundry day, either one really. Generally I tend to reach for this flannel whenever I am in need of a "comfort outfit" tried, true, and great for every season. One of the things I love about button ups and plaid is that you have a nearly endless way to style them, tie them up, button them up, unbutton, off the shoulders, shorts, skirts, pants, the list goes on and on. I think I may try and do a "styling plaid" series just to prove the point that one shirt can be worn like 8469273846 different ways. Because let's be honest, no one gets tired of flannel. 



Sunday, July 6, 2014

La La Land Machine

Top- Old // Similar Here
Harem Pants- Rue 21
Heels- Thrifted

This whole internet being shot everywhere I go is starting to get old I swear. I am currently holed up in a Panera bread trying to upload this post. Ugh. BUT. On the bright side I think all the pictures are finally loading so let us proceed to the outfit and get over my first world ramblings...

I have been dying for some harem pants for a while now and I finally picked these up in a massive Rue 21 sale shop a few months ago. Then finally got to wear them after a bit of rain so it wasn't as obnoxiously hot outside and I didn't melt before finishing the shoot. (Although the sun gave some nice rays in the photos) And the top is an oldie but a goodie. I can't remember where I bought it but it is a unique spin on the brandy melville LA tops so I am totally vibing on it this summer I have worn it far to often I am shocked this is it's first appearance on my blog. I paired the laid back outfit with some pumps because I just adore slouchy pants and high heels. Don't ask me why because I think I am a bit crazy too. 

I promise to seek out reliable internet and be semi normally posting again this week so I hope you all have a relaxing Sunday and I will be back to see you soon :) 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Style Snapshot // La La Land

I am so so so sorry you guys. The internet has been out at both my house and work for the past 4 days and I haven't been able to post anything to my blog :( I managed to get a few snaps onto my phone so hopefully I can have the full post up tomorrow! Until then enjoy this little style snapshot!

Necklace from gem junkie